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Nike has recently been lagging behind their key competitors, adidas, in new releases and innovation in technology. With the Air Max having its 30th birthday this year, we now see one of Nike's biggest innovations in air - the Air Vapormax. It has been a few years since Nike first introduced the full air bubble midsole, but they take the next step with the compartmentalisation of each air bubble. Similar to a free run in that each portion of the sole is individual, these provide increased flexibility for the wearer.

Nike opened up its lab in Beaverton in the last year, showing where each of these bags are manufactured, inflated and tested. It is an amazing feat to see the technology advance in such a way since the original tailwinds and Air Max 1s over 30 years ago.

The question is what the future may hold for Air technology. With the reinvention of Air and of Flyknit - how far can Nike push this technology?

We love our Vapormax, and if you are like us and want a killer laceswap on yours, make sure you chuck some MEDIUM - 43 inch laces on them from our rope or flat lace collection.

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