Screw On Metal Aglet Kits

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Give your laces a new twist with our screw on aglet kits.

  • 4 pieces per pack (enough for one pair of laces)
  • Screwdriver included with every pack

Our aglets are designed to fit on almost all laces (some older thick rope laces may not work)

How to install:

  • Remove the screw from the aglet using the screwdriver
  • Place the metal aglet over the current shoelace aglet
  • If the current plastic shoelace aglet is too long you will need to trim it with scissors, the screw hole of the metal aglet should sit just past the plastic aglet so the screw goes into the fabric.
  • Finalise installation by screwing the screw back into the metal aglet
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Aglet Kit - Gold - Screw On - LaceSpace
Aglet Kit - Silver - Screw On - LaceSpace
Aglet Kit - Iridescent- Screw On - LaceSpace
Aglet Kit - Black - Screw On - LaceSpace

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