What is the LaceSpace customiser partnership programme?

Since launching in 2015 we have had the pleasure of working with a large number of customisers and brands, we have created this partnership programme to help provide customisers with the tools they need to execute and promote their projects smoothly.

We will be providing special discounts (with no minimums), access to discounted rates for custom elements, promotional tools and priority order processing to ensure you have everything you need to create the best custom sneakers.

We have come up with a number of benefits for our partners and we are really excited to work with you to push your brand and ours forward.

What benefits do I get from joining?

All of our partners will receive a unique discount code to be used on any orders for 50% off our product range (excluding sneaker cases).

Access to special rates for custom element production (custom printed laces, short runs of custom colours and styles as well as unique accessories like engraved dubraes).

Priority order processing to ensure you receive all products by your launch deadline.

A bio page on our website (with 2,000 unique visitors a day) as well as regular features of your upcoming projects in our weekly newsletters.

We would also love to collaborate with you on unique projects and help develop custom accessories and packaging.

What will I have to do?

The first step will be completing the sign up form (found here).

Once your application is approved we will send a welcome pack with all of the relevant information, including your custom discount code to get started right away.

We will check in with you regularly to ensure you have everything you need for any upcoming projects and make sure that we have enough time to provide you with any custom elements you may require.

We ask that any projects you feature on your social media accounts or website include a tag or link to LaceSpace when appropriate.

If you would like to be featured on our website with your own bio page please ensure you include a bio snippet in the signup form as well as some images that we can load. If you would like to add to this over time you just need to email us and we can make any updates!

What can you help me with for my projects?

Apart from offering a discount on our huge range of sneaker laces and accessories we are committed to providing you with anything else you may need for a project.

Some examples would be:

  • Custom laces (colours or print designs)
  • Custom shaped metal pieces (dubraes, aglet kits, other elements)
  • Custom sneaker display options (coming soon)
  • Paints and other supplies (launching soon)

What if I need custom laces or accessories for a project?

We can help with any custom requirements, just email us through what you need and we will provide a quote and lead time.

Generally we need at least 2-3 weeks for custom laces (although at times we can push to have them done quicker) and 2-4 weeks for custom metal pieces (not including our custom engraved dubraes which are available with 24 hour turnaround)

Can I feature my upcoming projects on your website?

Definitely! We will set you up with your own bio page on our website and you are able to update this with projects as you create them.

Can I feature my upcoming projects in your weekly newsletter?

Definitely! When you have a project that you would like to promote please email us (1-2 weeks before you would like to be featured) so we can arrange all of the details to be included in one of our weekly newsletters.

Can we do a collab?

We would love to collaborate with you! We are open to all collaboration ideas and hope to work with you in the future.

How do I join?

Just fill out the sign up form linked here and one of our team will be in touch ASAP.

Image Credits: Khameleon Kickz


Khameleon Kickz

Grail Crew Customs