Caring for your shoe laces and threading through your shoes

We always recommend that you thread your laces using a symmetrical threading (always inside to outside on top or outside to inside on top as you desire), and avoid choking the laces while threading and tying your knots as this puts excessive strain on the threading of the laces (as well as looking bad!). As the team at SneakerFreaker says - keep those laces loose!

Does my order come with tracking?

We have two methods of shipping that will determine whether your order has tracking:

  1. For orders of three pairs of laces or less, we send via priority letter shipping as this provides a quicker shipping time (generally 2-5 business days, up to 7 business days); however this means that we unfortunately cannot provide tracking on these orders
  2. For orders of four pairs or more, or those including Liquiproof or SneakersER products, we ship via parcel post; which does contain tracking information, though generally takes 3-7 business days for regular post.

Note: Please ensure that you always write your correct suburb, post code and full address in the postage address during orders. We are unable to refund an order if it doesn't arrive due to an incomplete or incorrect address.

How do I make metal aglet laces fit in my Ultraboosts?

Due to the rectangular shape of the Ultraboost eyelets, metal aglet laces will not fit outright and threading will require modification of the Ultraboost cage to open up the eyelets. The methods that many of our customers have used to safely perform these modifications are detailed below:

  1. Using a 4.0mm drill bit and drilling through the eyelets to make them circular, OR
  2. Using an Allen Key, screwdriver, skewer or similar to temporarily open up the eyelets before threading through the laces, OR
  3. Uncrimping the metal aglets to reveal a plastic covering underneath which will then allow threading of the laces. Subsequently the metal aglet can be re-attached by sliding it back on and re-crimping using tweezers.

What lace length should I get for the Ultraboost or NMDs?

For people who will be threading through the NMD or Ultraboost cage by itself, we recommend 36" which will allow for tying a small to medium sized bow. For those who want to thread through the primeknit between the Ultraboost cage or on PK NMDs, we recommend 50" for the best results.

How can I return or exchange laces?

Please see our returns & exchanges policy for a detailed guide on returning or exchanging laces.

How long does Liquiproof last?

Whereas other sprays last three weeks at most, Liquiproof Footwear Protector is a simple and cost-effective proofing spray that enables you to potentially protect shoes for their lifetime. The coating permanently bonds to each individual fibre and can only be removed through mechanical abrasion, extremely strong alkaline and acids and on suede or sheepskin liquids above 60°C. If you choose to clean your shoes with any cleaning product such as SneakersER, Jason Markk or Crep Cure which use abrasive brushes, we recommend that you spray a coating of Liquiproof after drying to maintain maximum effectiveness.

Furthermore, excessive dirt or dust will reduce the repellent effect of the coating and could potentially cause water ingress, so it’s a good idea to maintain the surface and clean at regular intervals with water. Excess dirt and dust can be removed with the nylon (white) or hog-bristle (brown) brushes on the Liquiproof Triple Brush.

How do I clean Liquiproofed shoes?

We recommend cleaning with clean water as soon as possible which will remove residue easier instead of allowing it to sit on the shoe. We recommend using clean water and the Liquiproof Triple Brush to remove and residue on the uppers.

If you really need to, you may use cleaning wipes on the soles. We do not recommend using wipes on the uppers of Liquiproofed shoes. You can’t see them but the tiny fibres of the wipes detach on the surface and the cleaning solution is left behind. This will reduce the effectiveness of the Liquiproof coating.

If cleaning with a cleaning solution, we recommend spraying a coating of Liquiproof after drying to maintain maximum effectiveness.

Can i use Liquiproof on shoes that I've used the SneakersER paint pens or Angelus paint on?

YES. Liquiproof is water-based so it will not react with the paints used to customise sneakers.

Will Liquiproof affect the nap or feel of suede and nubuck?

NO. Liquiproof is designed to be invisible and is applicable to all textile fibres, both synthetic and natural. There should be none or negligible changing of colours and textures.

Nevertheless we do recommend always testing on a small inconspicuous area of your material to test colourfast before commencing with the full application.

When do I use Liquiproof Leather?

We all like that clean, new look of leather - whether it's shoes, a jacket, wallet, bag etc - we all want the finish to last. Liquiproof Leather Protector has an added enzyme that penetrates the absorbent leather to protect its delicate characteristics. This prevents agains both hot and cold liquid stains to keep your leather newer for longer. Liquiproof Leather Protector is designed to be used on full-grain and top-grain leathers (as opposed to nubuck or suede). This includes leather sneakers, leather dress shoes or boots, hand bags, leather jackets and leather car seats. Liquiproof leather is aimed at waterproofing, stainproofing and moisturising these leathers to mitigate cracking and drying out.

What colour of the SneakersER pens most properly matches Boost?

The best pen for whitening discoloured Boost soles is the white pen. It contains enough paint to cover a significant number of Boost soles and continually touch up.

What shade is the 'off-white' SneakersER pen?

The color of this pen can be likened to the colour of the sole of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 'Turtle Dove' within one to two shades upon drying. It is slightly lighter than a cream colour.


Sizing Chart




(36 inch)

  • adidas Ultraboosts(through the cage)
  • adidas NMDs(both NMD_R1 and NMD_R2)
  • ASICS Gel Lyte III (untied)
  • Puma Tsugi Shinsei

Includes both rope laces and flat laces for Ultraboosts and NMDs

5 - 6


(36 inch)




(43 inch)


  • adidas Ultraboost (tied with OG length or stacking through primeknit)
  • adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V1 and V2(untied)
  • adidas Y3 Qasa High
  • adidas ZG Boost
  • adidas Pure Boost
  • Nike Flyknit Racer
  • Nike Flyknit Mariah Racer
  • Nike Air Vapormax
  • Nike Janoski and Janoski Max
  • Nike Air Max Zero
  • New Balance 997
  • New Balance 247
  • New Balance 1978
7 - 8


(43 inch)




(50 inch)


  • Nike Air Max 97
  • Nke Air Max 95
  • Nike Air Max 98
  • Nike Air Max Plus (Nike TN)
  • Nike Air Max 1 (Women)
  • Nike Air Max 90 (Women)
  • Nike Air Max LD-Zero
  • Nike Free Runs
  • ASICS Gel Saga
  • ASICS Gel Lyte V
  • ASICS Gel Respector
  • ASICS GT-2
  • ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer
  • adidas ZX Flux
  • adidas Tubular
  • adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V1 and V2
  • New Balance 996
  • New Balance 997
  • New Balance 998
  • New Balance 1500
  • Puma Blaze of Glory

The majority of running shoes will be in this range.

9 -10


(50 inch)

  • Nike Air Presto (though fewer eyelets, these are widely laced)
  • Nike Air Max 1
  • Nike Air Max 90
  • Nike Air Force 1 Lows
  • Nike Dunk Lows
  • Any Nike Air Jordan from the Air Jordan III (untied)
  • adidas Stan Smith (inc Raf Simons)
  • Converse All Stars
  • adidas Superstar
  • adidas Ultraboost (stacking through the primeknit)
  • adidas Yeezy Boost 750
  • ASICS Gel Lyte V
  • Rick Owens Ramones Lows
11 +


(63 inch)

  • Nike Air Jordan I
  • Nike Foamposites
  • Nike Dunk Highs
  • Nike Air Force 1 Highs
  • Rick Owens Ramone Highs (no wrap)
  • Any other Air Jordan where you want to tie
  • Most high-top basketball shoes (KDs, LeBrons, Currys, Kyries, Kobes).


Most Common Questions

Ultra Boost laces length?

We recommend Medium (43 Inch) laces for Ultraboosts, as this matches the stock lace length. However, for those looking for a smaller bow or to wear untied, Small (36 Inch) would be an ideal option. You can find both these lengths across our most popular styles in our Ultraboost collection

NMD laces length?

The adidas NMD is notorious for having laces which are way too long. We suggest our Small (36 Inch) laces for the best fit, which when threaded loosely will give you a nicely sized bow without all the dangle and mess of the stock laces. You can find NMD laces here in our NMD collection

Most popular Ultra Boost laces?

The best thing about ultraboosts is that they are versatile and look great with both rope laces, and flat laces. We suggest keeping to the lightweight, tech-vibe by using regular aglets. Our favourite laces for ultraboosts are the black/3M flat lacesin Medium (43 Inch).


This sizing chart is a guide only and is flexible depending on how you thread your laces. For those you enjoy tight threading, our recommended "untied"Âť versions may be appropriate for tying. For those who enjoy particularly loose threading, a larger length may be more appropriate. It will also depend on the size of the shoe (for example some smaller Ultraboosts would be recommended as 36 inch, but larger ones as 45")

The best way to check a rough appropriate length is to measure the current laces in your shoes.