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March 25 is a special day to the Swoosh - Air Max Day. Each year they celebrate the history of air - that which has made them the brand they are today. With Air Max Day comes a number of special releases - two years ago it was the three HTM pairs, last year it was the unveiling of the Air Vapormax, and this year the spotlight has turned to a number of new hybrid silhouettes - namely the Air Max 270 and the Vapormax Plus and 97, along with Sean Wotherspoon's Air Max 97/1

The Air Max 270 takes the stylings of the Air Max 93, but with technological updates to both the upper and midsole. The Vapormax Plus is exactly as it describes - half Vapormax, half Air Max Plus (otherwise known as TN). Complementing this, the Vapormax 97 similarly uses the updated Vapormax air unit on a 97 upper. Some have scoffed at the idea, but we actually don't mind it on the TNs - perhaps it is overkill on the 97s though...

Overall it looks to be a very eventful Air Max Day this year - one we look forward to!

Looking at the new Air Max 270 - this one in a rumoured flyknit upper.

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