The Birth of a new NMD: The NMD Racer - LaceSpace

Since its initial release in late 2015, the NMD has taken the world and the masses by storm. While these days it is more associated with being NMDead, there's no denying that there is still plenty of life in the NMD for a comfortable and versatile shoe that is worn by the masses.

This racer features a tight primeknit upper with a new ankle collar, a lacing system reminiscent, but slightly different to the NMD_R1, a boost midsole with an EVA heel cup along the outsole, and an updated outsole. Featuring a much more aggressive forefoot tread and an EVA heel outside plug, we can only guess why adidas used such a eccentric outsole design. After all it is an originals, not a performance shoe - though we aren't sure if we are meant to race in them or hike in them with that tread!

What are your thoughts? In any case, as always, ridiculously long laces plague the shoe, so we recommend swapping out with our black katakana laces in 30" - the perfect size for the NMD.

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