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The rise and fall of NMDs since the release of the OG NMD in December 2015 has been quite a rollercoaster. With the release of the NMD_R2s and the continued existence of the NMD_R1s, it has been quite an eclectic silhouette.

The silhouette features a sock-like primeknit upper, with a chunky flat boost midsole and rubber outsole. The most iconic features of the shoe are the EVA plugs on the medial and lateral sides of the shoes and the heel tab which reads "The Brand with the Three Stripes" in multiple languages, including Japanese (where sneaker culture and streetwear really finds its home), German (the birthplace of adidas) and English.

For those who have a pair (or 10) of the NMDs stashed away, we recommend 34" laces from our NMD collection. Just remember - keep those laces loose!

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