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The Ultraboost is by far the most popular silhouette to come out of adidas - and perhaps the entire sneaker scene - in the past few years. Boasting a stretchy primeknit upper, a Boost midsole and a Continental rubber outsole, a highly technical and sharp silhouette is formed which has become a staple in the rotation (whether for comfort alone or as a running shoe - ironically, the reason it was made).

With such a popular shoe and an abundance of colourways has come a lot of opportunity to play with the stock shoe laces and have some awesome lace swaps. Whether you're into a something that pops, or keeping it ninja with a monochromatic palette, we have all the shoe laces you may want here.

We recommend 36" length for an untied look, and 45" for a tied bow and more traditional look. You can also thread through the primeknit to create a stacked look by using 50" laces. Whatever look you're going for, there's a lace for you.

Check out our Ultraboost collection for more lace ideas and check out our Instagram @lace.space for some of the featured laceswaps from our customers.


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