Release News: Air Jordan 1 Flyknit - Shadow - LaceSpace

The Air Jordan Flyknit, debuting in 2017, was something that was very controversial. Despite some bit criticism, it was generally well received as a technological advance necessary for hte 1985 shoe. Over three decades since the original Air Jordan 1, the Air Jordan 1 flyknit brings a lightness and breathability that the leather just can't offer. Featuring a premium leather swoosh, tongue and lining to retain the OG heritage, the shadow flyknit Air Jordan 1 follows the bred and royals to give another killer addition to the collection.

Available on January 13, 2018 from Nike, Foot Locker and the rest, these wil be quite sought after. Being an Air Jordan 1 with a premium leather tongue and lining, it is only fitting that some premium lambskin leather laces go with it. This time, we suggest the silver aglets to keep the shoe with those subtle grey vibes. For Jordan 1s we have specifically made the XL 63" leather - get a pair below!

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