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In 2019, Nike released a couple of well-received sneakers, and the top of the pack is the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott. The partnership with the successful rap artist seems fruitful for the brand, as it has already been the fourth time that the two parties worked on a project.

The level of hype has been the same, if not more, for previous collabs. Announced twice – first in the Grammy Awards and next on Travis’s birthday – the anticipation was high and the sneakers did not disappoint.

Nike’s usual premium make and material is present, and the brown colorblock along the shoes are a recognizable sight. One thing that stands out is the backwards Swoosh logo: while Nike was firm with keeping their logo ‘in the right orientation’, they decided to experiment and reverse the logo for this release. Will this cause a Mandela Effect in the future? Only time will tell.

On to the looks of the AJ1 Retro High Travis Scott.

The outsole is your standard dark brown while the midsole is the usual creamy white. Brown nubuck and white leather make up the body of the shoe and makes for a clean and contrasting look. The Swoosh starts at the heel block and ends at the mudguard. Looking at the back reveals the Cactus Jack face. The tongue is white with a Nike Air tag and a black rectangle with red Cactus Jack logo in red on the side.

Look inside and you see the Nike Air Logo on the left shoe and red Cactus Jack logo on the other.

The shoe comes with 4 sets of extra laces. If you prefer having the pink laces on (which pairs quite well with the brown and white), you might wear it out with regular use.

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