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Hearing these names in one sentence and you’ll know what you’re getting into. The exclusive line of shoes have revamped their models and now, has a new iteration on one of their comfiest sneakers in the market. Originally introduced as a successor of the 350 V2s but earning a name for itself, is the Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 Alien. 

Leaning towards performance rather than aesthetics only, the 380 Alien distinguishes itself through upgraded features while still not falling behind the visuals department. The low-top silhouette adopts a smoother Primeknit upper that wears an alienesque pattern in a base white color with splatters of dark gray all over. A perforated plastic mesh is laid on the midfoot area, providing adequate breathability to the wearer. On the center, the exposed central stitching from the 350 V2s is swapped out with a seamless cream stitch, creating a mirrored effect on the shoe. An infinity lacing system weaves through the upper in a sail color, while on its collars, the 380 Alien has more of that tight sock-like opening to hug your feet securely. 

Comfort-wise, the sneakers embrace the curves of your feet better, giving your walkers more room to breathe. Underfoot, a sleek midsole outlines the shoe with a white matte, semi-translucent finish with subtle touches of green, mimicking that extraterrestrial glow. More notable upgrades take their place as the BOOST cushioning is reinforced on the new angled heels sculpted on these Yeezys, allowing better initial contact on the ground while walking. Rounding up the sneakers are herringbone-patterned outsoles in a darker cream color for good traction while in action. 

Styling the Yeezy Boost 380 Alien ought to be an easy feat for the Yeezy folks worldwide. Couple its organic look with your fave athleisure as you cop a pair for yourself. 

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