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Popping out of the 2020 Yeezy Boost 380 line-up comes in an eye-catching colorway, literally! Released as a part of the three regional exclusive colorways, these sneakers take the cake when it comes to being the “highlight” of the bunch. Setting off with their signature 380 silhouettes comes the Yeezy Boost 380 Hylte. 

Not many can pull off a shoe colorway as strikingly bright as these kicks, but the Yeezy Boost 380 Hylte stands up to the challenge. As its name suggests, the “Hylte” sneakers colorway takes inspiration from our stationary must-have – neon highlighters. The Primeknit upper features an iconic neon yellow with complementary darker shades in camo print. Adding to its glow, are translucent stripes in neon lime green at the sides. The front and center, adorned with sail color infinity laces, give the wearer a tight fit which can be swapped out with funkier laces later on. The mirrored design of the pair also adds to that alien-like/futuristic aesthetic the Yeezy 380s have been going for. Before completing the Hylte look, the upper blends into full-on black translucent midsoles, adding a dark contrast to its neon colors. 

The sneakers may not be for the minimalist sneakerheads but will surely fit the bill for the quirky wearers who are confident to pull off a loud colorway such as this one. The color might be overwhelming to some, but its comfort is loyal to its brand. Sporty folks and the athleisure folks both get the satisfaction of donning on a BOOST cushioned sole, a snug sock-like fit, and a striking pair of shoes in their daily wear with the Yeezy Boost 380 Hylte. And if you want a flashier version, these sneakers also come in the Hylte Glow variation that sports Glow-In-The-Dark elements in its whole silhouette.

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