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Nike sneakers have always gotten the memo and delivered to satisfaction, but this time, you will be in for a cold, creamy delight that is perfect for the streets and will pop for the gram. The story behind this collaboration is pretty simple. You take your favorite ice cream brand, splash its unique design on a timeless silhouette, and there you have the Ben & Jerry's x Nike "Chunky Dunky" SB Dunk Low. These sneakers rode the hype wave since its May 2020 release, that its retail tag of $100 shot up to an average resale price of $1600.

The name of the sneakers is a play on Ben & Jerry's iconic ice cream flavor: Chunky Monkey. Now, for those unfamiliar, the design of the sneakers might be a little bit over the top. For the regulars? These Chunky Dunky sneakers perfectly capture the essence of their favorite tubs. Sky blue colors fill the upper with mounds of green on the sides, reflecting the meadow fields. Faux cowhide fabric wraps around the edges, through the eyestay, and to the back - accentuating that organic look. To heighten up the ice cream aesthetics, Chunky Dunky’s Swoosh is made with a dripping effect in a vibrant yellow. Moving along the back, peaking clouds decorate the middle while a NIKE logo is embroidered in the iconic Ben & Jerry’s font style. Back to the center, a padded tongue comes in the same faux cowhide fabric and a black tag stitched on top with the Nike SB and Chunky Dunky branding in bright yellow. Inside is a Ben & Jerry’s tag with their “if it’s not fun, why do it?” slogan plus a whole interior filled with a rainbow motif in tie-dye finish. 

These playful accents complete the look and make the sneakers something one cannot just pair with anything. But this challenge is what makes it more worth it for any sneakerhead who takes it head-on and completes their iconic look. 

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