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A bold remodeling on Nike's signature innovation was launched last 2017 to represent what they claimed to be the Pinnacle of Nike Air. Constructed with the help of advancing shoe technology and futuristic aesthetics, the NikeLab Air VaporMax 'Oreo' took flight straight into the sneaker arena. But with its intriguing new features, there are bound to be some questions. Is it better in functionality, durability, and versatility? Is it a friend or foe to your performance needs? Or is it just another gimmick to raise hype? Let us dive right into the answers.

Nike has always been known for its cutting-edge technology with AIR Cushioning since 1978. But with the changing society of sneakerheads and performance-driven patrons, they had to step up their sneaker game. 

First off, the shoes highlight a woven Flyknit upper designed to hug the foot securely while still maintaining comfort and breathability. Flexibility is enhanced throughout due to the Flywires built-in for the lacing system (which they thankfully switched back from the previous pull tab feature). The once windowed air midsole is now fully incorporated into the sole, displaying the whole unit underfoot via a single mass of TPU. Their goal? To cut down the solid materials of the soles, intensifying the flexibility and feeling of running on air through its newfound lightweight design. As the main point of the shoes, the soles were tested 15 times to be perfected, worn by 350 different runners, finally composing of over 39,000 components. 

The NikeLab Air VaporMax 'Oreo' is promoted mainly as performance shoes for its lightweight, flexible, and responsive structure. That does not mean the casual, athleisure enthusiasts are out of the fun, as these come in great colorways and even collaborations from designer brands.

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