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There is no debate that Yeezys are one of the most nicely sculpted silhouettes available for sneakerheads today. Its futuristic and almost extraterrestrial vibe is something only the mind of the musical genius Kanye can ever fathom for us to appreciate.

The Yeezy 700 MNVN Blue Tint is a brand new colorway that will become your new favorite. It’s the 6th colorway in the series and a new take on the version that is arguably the most popular one. The recognizable two-tone design features a light blue synthetic nylon upper that is a break away from suede or leather and is partnered with a black mid. 

The huge 700 brandings are added in with reflective 3M material; an extra safety measure to ensure that people know what you're wearing. If they can't quickly see that you're wearing Yeezy 700s from a few meters away, the reflective shine of the 3M branding will do the trick. It's a glow-in-the-dark feature that is welcomed by fans and admired by the sneaker community in general.

The namesake "Blue Tint" shade wraps around the whole silhouette. Blue has obviously been the color bias from Kanye and Adidas as of late, which is a breath of fresh air from fans who have come to grow tired of the more neutral colorways.

Although the shoes' openings may not be comfortably stretchy, maybe even feeling stiff for a small number of people, it has a lightness that makes them wearable for long periods of time even if it is not sporting the Boost midsole. It is also reliably durable and sturdy, making it perfect as a daily beater.




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