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The Nike SB Dunk and its many iterations are some of the most popular designs in the world of sneakers, and a heaven-sent for skaters and collectors alike. While Nike was mainly a basketball-oriented shoe, a new “Nike SB” team branched off to design trainers for a core audience that they have already been catering to since the 90s.

The Dunk was re-engineered with just a few tweaks to the original design which may have not mattered much to a casual observer, but it was a leaps-and-bounds improvement for its target consumer.

In terms of looks, it doesn’t go for a very flashy design, but that only makes it a better canvas for which new designs can be based upon. The original releases in 2002 were a mix of familiar colorways – recognizable to any Nike fan. These have then developed to more offerings as collabs with the who’s who of the skating world came to be.

Many skateboarding fans noted that these kicks have a great feel against the board that you don’t usually get with other shoes. It makes for longer sessions on the ramps and bowls with its comfortable design - the tongue, collar and insole are reinforced with padding to protect the feet.

Great if you’ve been trying to lock on to a particularly difficult trick.

And if you like doing ollies and flips, the Nike SB Dunk Low has the perfectly rounded arrow-shaped toe box that makes the trick a bit easier. But while the outsole has been reportedly sturdy, it does wear in a few months especially with more-than-regular use.

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