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Flat laces are a timeless classic. Our take on the flat lace is an homage to the classic style of the golden era of sneakers - solid colour blocks and thick weave for durability and an awesome texture.

LaceSpace flat laces are uniquely designed polyester/cotton blend means you get the smoothest and most natural feeling laces for your kicks without any of the fraying of pure cotton laces. The speckles provide an extra pop that you won't see on your average pair.

An absolute staple to accessorise your kicks, and with our new improved aglets, we know you will love them.

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Camouflage Blue Print LacesCamouflage Blue Print Laces
Camouflage Green Print LacesCamouflage Green Print Laces
Camouflage Pink Print LacesCamouflage Pink Print Laces
Cement Grey/Black Speckled Flat Laces - LaceSpace
Chequered - Flat Laces - LaceSpace
Elephant Print LacesElephant Print Laces
Essentials Flat Lace Mega Pack - LaceSpace
Fat Laces - Black - 20mm Width - LaceSpace
Fat Laces - Blue - 20mm Width - LaceSpace
Fat Laces - Red - 20mm Width - LaceSpace
Fat Laces - White - 20mm Width - LaceSpace
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Flat Waxed Value Pack - White & Black | Plastic Aglets - LaceSpace
Full 3M Flat Laces - Gunmetal Aglet - LaceSpaceFull 3M Flat Laces - Gunmetal Aglet - LaceSpace
Glow in the Dark - Flat Laces - LaceSpace
Gucci Ace Replacement Laces - Black - LaceSpace
Gucci Ace Replacement Laces - White - LaceSpace
Japanese Katakana Laces - 3M/Black - LaceSpaceJapanese Katakana Laces - 3M/Black - LaceSpace
Japanese Katakana Laces - Black - LaceSpaceJapanese Katakana Laces - Black - LaceSpace
Japanese Katakana Laces - White - LaceSpaceJapanese Katakana Laces - White - LaceSpace
Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossom Laces - LaceSpaceJapanese Sakura Cherry Blossom Laces - LaceSpace
Light Blue/Cove Flat Lace - LaceSpaceLight Blue/Cove Flat Lace - LaceSpace
McQueen Laces - Mens - Black - LaceSpace
McQueen Laces - Mens - White - LaceSpace

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