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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between our products and other, cheaper products?

Our sneaker cases are made from high quality, strong plastic with crystal clear acrylic doors. Many of our competitors opt for a cheaper ‘flimsy’ plastic which won’t support larger stacks of boxes.

What sneakers fit in our cases?

Our standard drop front sneaker cases will fit up to a US13 Jordan high top and even high heels. They won’t fit high top dunks, however, our XL Magnetic range which comes in a front and side opening option as well as our LED Light Up range will fit up to a US15 high top sneaker.

How Do The Cases Open?

Our standard drop front sneaker cases open and close with a plastic clip located in the middle of the lid, you simply pull the plastic tab down and pull the door open. Our XL magnetic and LED Light up range has two magnets on either side of the door and a handle in the middle so you can easily open and close each case.

Do the cases stack and lock in?

All of our sneaker case packs are completely modular and can be stacked in any configuration you like! Our cases lock in from the top/bottom to ensure they are sturdy.

Are the cases the same height?

Our drop front sneaker case range (sold in a pack of 6)comes in black and clear and both of these options are the same height. Our XL Magnetic range (sold in a pack of 10) also comes in black and clear with the option of a door opening from the front or from the side, both of these cases are the same height and fully compatible with each other in your setup. This means you can mix and match to show off from the front and the side!

Which cases are right for my collection?

Whilst it does come down to personal preference, we recommend our standard drop front cases if you have a lot of shoes to store in a small space, we make this recommendation because they are shorter than our XL range. We also recommend the standard drop front cases if you do not own a lot of high top shoes as the extra height of the XL range is not needed.

If you have the space we recommend mixing and matching our XL sneaker case range to show off your kicks from the front or from the side, our bulk pricing is applicable across both options so you can still take advantage of our tiered pricing structure!

Will the black protect from UV rays?

Our black drop front cases are a completely solid colour on all sides (except for the clear door) meaning the shoes are better protected from harmful UV rays.

Are they easy to assemble?

Yes! Our entire sneaker case range is incredibly easy to assemble and stack. Each box comes with instructions outlining the parts included as well as the steps, to help you out we have also created a video series which is linked above! Once you learn the steps each case will take less than a minute to construct.

What do I do if I have broken a piece?

If you have any issues once your cases have been delivered, please send us an email with photos of the damage and we will arrange replacement parts to be sent out to you ASAP. You will be able to discard the broken/damaged pieces as we will not need them back.

How high can I stack the cases?

The stacking height relies mostly on the surface you are placing the cases, as long as it is on a sturdy flat surface you can stack the cases as high as the ceiling allows. Once the shoes are placed inside the cases they are incredibly sturdy. We have seen customers stack our cases up to 15 cases in height with ease.