What do I do if I have broken a piece?

If you have any issues once your cases have been delivered, please send us an email with photos of the damage and we will arrange replacement parts to be sent out to you ASAP. You will be able to discard the broken/damaged pieces as we will not need them back.

How do I connect the cases?

There are connectors for pass-through power on the top and bottom of each case, you will only need to power one case per set of 8. If you find that the power is not strong enough you may need to add an additional adapter to make the light brighter.

How do I power the cases?

Our LED Cases are powered by a USB-C cable and power adapter (sold separately), you need one adapter per 8 cases.

The USB-C cable should be plugged in from the power adapter to the port on the backside of the case (either the left or right side).

Please note: You do not plug the two USB-C cables that are integrated into the backside of the case to the power adapter. These two cables are to share power to the columns on the left/right of your setup.

What cable and power adapter do I need

Our LED Light cases are powered by USB-C input, we recommend our 5v 2.4a power adapter which will be capable of powering 8 cases.

To add a power pack bundle to your cart click here

If you elect to use a lower voltage adapter you may find the light is not as bright or need to add additional adapters to power more cases.

Please note: Some phone power adapters (especially Apple) do not work with these cases as they regulate the power output. If your case is not lighting up, please try a different adapter.

When do I need to use the integrated USB-C Power Cables

You can use the integrated USB-C power cables to pass power between columns, this way you can share the power source from one column to another without the need for adding additional power adapters per column. We recommend connecting the top and bottom case of each column to the next column.

What sneakers fit in our cases?

Our XL Magnetic range which comes in a front and side opening option will fit up to a US15 high top sneaker.

How Do The Cases Open?

Our XL magnetic range has two magnets on either side of the door and a handle in the middle so you can easily open and close each case.

Do the cases stack and lock in?

Our LED sneaker cases are completely modular and can be stacked in any configuration you like! Our cases lock in from the top/bottom to ensure they are sturdy.

Will the black protect from UV rays?

Our LED sneaker cases are a completely solid colour on all sides (except for the clear door) meaning the shoes are better protected from harmful UV rays.

How high can I stack the cases?

The stacking height relies mostly on the surface you are placing the cases, as long as it is on a sturdy flat surface you can stack the cases as high as the ceiling allows. Once the shoes are placed inside the cases they are incredibly sturdy. We have seen customers stack our cases up to 15 cases in height with ease.


Shoe Trees (1 pair of shoe trees) - LaceSpace

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Shoe Trees (1 pair of shoe trees) - LaceSpace

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Shoe Trees (1 pair of shoe trees) - LaceSpace

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Shoe Trees (1 pair of shoe trees) - LaceSpace

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