Liquiproof Protector or Liquiproof Leather?

Liquiproof is the world's most advanced stain and waterproofer. Unlike its competitors this is a non-aerosol liquid film that will protect your sneakers with one time application - so no need to reapply periodically, it is permanent. All that is recommended is that you wipe off dust using the nylon or hog bristle brush on the Liquiproof Triple Brush

Liquiproof Protector is safe on all materials including canvas, suede, nubuck and mesh. It can also be used on top-grain leather; however Liquiproof Leather is designed specfically to be used on full-grain and top-grain leathers (as opposed to nubuck or suede). It contains an added enzyme to moisturise the leather and retain its "new" feel where it otherwise could dry out and crack. We recommend you keep one of each on hand for your different types of shoes, bags, jackets and wallets!


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