Rows Of Eyelets Recommended Size
3 or less Extra Small
4 - 5 Small
6 - 7 Medium
8 - 10 Large
11 or more Extra Large


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Most Common Questions

Ultra Boost laces length?

We recommend Medium (43 Inch) laces for Ultraboosts, as this matches the stock lace length. However, for those looking for a smaller bow or to wear untied, Small (36 Inch) would be an ideal option. You can find both these lengths across our most popular styles in our Ultraboost collection

NMD laces length?

The adidas NMD is notorious for having laces which are way too long. We suggest our Extra Small (32 Inch) or where Extra Small is unavailable we recommend our Small (36 Inch) laces for the best fit, which when threaded loosely will give you a nicely sized bow without all the dangle and mess of the stock laces. You can find NMD laces here in our NMD collection

Most popular Ultra Boost laces?

The best thing about ultraboosts is that they are versatile and look great with both rope laces, and flat laces. We suggest keeping to the lightweight, tech-vibe by using regular aglets. Our favourite laces for ultraboosts are the black/3M flat laces in Medium (43 Inch).

This sizing chart is a guide only and is flexible depending on how you thread your laces, if you like to lace your shoes loose you can go up a size and similarly if you prefer to lace your shoes tight you can go down a size.

The best way to check a rough appropriate length is to measure the current laces in your shoes.