Air Jordan Flat Replacement Laces - Blue

Size: Low/Mid Top Length (54 Inch/137cm)
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Air Jordan Replacement laces in the original width, length (72"/180cm) and threading. We have also made them available in a shorter length (54"/137cm) to suit low top sneakers or if you prefer to tie a small knot or tuck your laces for high top sneakers.

The sizing information below assumes that you will tie a standard knot and bow, if you prefer to tuck your laces without tying them then we recommend going down a size.

To lace to the 9-10th row of eyelets (for example Jordan 1 highs laced to the top)

Select our High Top Size

To lace to the 8-9th row of eyelets (for example Jordan 4's laced to the top)

Select our XL size in our essentials range

To lace to the 6-7th row of eyelets (for example Jordan 1 lows laced to the top)

Select our Low/Mid top size

Please note: Nike has recently changed the stock length for a number of their high top sneakers, previously stock laces were 180cm for shoes with 9-10 rows of eyelets, however, these have now been shortened to 160cm and are only suitable to lace to the 7-8th row of eyelets with a small bow.

If you are after the true original length then select our High Top sizing on this page.

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