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Picking the top sneaker of 2015 is a damn difficult choice. With so much heat dropping over the past year, it is definitely difficult to narrow it down to one. So why should we make the choice when you can do it for us. We’ve shortlisted our personal favourites of the year, thinking of overall history and sneaker culture significance, the uniqueness of design and materials and just damn good looks.

1. Yeezy Boost 750

The Yeezy Boost 750s were the first of the Yeezy collection to drop, amidst huge hype and very split opinion (but aren’t they just ugg boots?). The grey 750s are the only ones to release to date (though a black pair has been spotted in the rumour mill) and sold out instantly all over the world. Featuring a suede upper with zipper sides, that YZY strap, with a full length boost sole, these make up one of our top 10 sneakers of the year.

2. Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle Dove

Keeping it Yeezy, to avoid making the choice between the Moonrocks, Pirate Blacks and Turtle Doves, we really just wanted to make this choice the Boost 350s in general (it’s a damn hard choice). After some heated discussion over burgers, the LaceSpace team has decided that the nominee for the silhouette should be the Turtle Doves – the OG, and most sought after of all the 350s. Featuring a very unique design mixing the primeknit upper and boost sole, these are a hugely versatile shoe and are well deserving of their spot in this list.

3. Powder Blue (AKA UNC) 1s – Mistakenly known as UNC 1s (but we’re not fussy), the Powder Blue 1s dropped in October this year. Bringing back OG colourways in premium leather is always a plus for us. It was a hard choice picking between the Chicagos, the Shattered Backboards and these, but for us the powder blue and white mix is absolutely phenomenal.

4. Maroon 6s

Technically not released yet, but screw it – they’re in. The Air Jordan 6 Maroons haven’t been released for 23 years. Reappearing with white leather, milky soles and those distinctive maroon accents, these are most definitely going to be one of, if not the most sought after GR release of the year.

5. Supreme 5s

One of the most hyped Jordan releases of the year, the Supreme x Air Jordan V pack proved to be highly successful on release, along with the apparel line that came with it. Of the pack, we feel the camos are the best; however you can’t go wrong with classy black and white overlaying the hype source “Sup” on the upper. Dividing opinions, you can’t deny that these weren’t one of the biggest releases of the year.

6. Puma Blaze of Glory ‘Blood Baths’

One of the later releases of the year, the Puma BOG Blood Baths follow on from the Sneaker Freaker collaborations, all with distinct shark imagery. Probably our favourite of the four releases, these feature deep burgundy mesh and nubuck with mint and black accents in the cage and midsole. Mighty fine.

7. Made in Japan Gel Lyte III

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Gel Lyte III, Asics released 255 pairs of a special edition of the Gel Lyte III to honour the brands’ Japanese heritage. Hand-made entirely of Japanese veg-tan nume leather,with a full grain calf-leather lining, the quality is unmatched on these. These will only get better with age as they patina with wear, and are definitely deserving of a top 10 spot!

8. Multicolour 2.0 Racers

With racer hype in full force, Nike has released quite a few pairs this year. Of these, the multicolour 2.0 is our choice for best of the year. Featuring the vibrant colours that made the multicolour 1.0s so popular, this time with a distinct green and purple hue, the only hard part is deciding whether we like the 1.0s or 2.0s more.

9. Triple White Ultraboost

Adidas has had one hell of a year with its releases. The Ultraboost has been its flagship release and has quickly become one of the staple silhouettes for daily wear (that boost sole is a damn cloud). Triple white hype + Kanye made the triple white Ultraboosts particularly sought after. Featuring different shades of white along the primeknit upper and that boost sole, the triple whites are our pick for the top of the releases this year.

10. Saucony Grid 9000 ‘Kushwhackers’

Sneaker Freaker always put on a good show with their collabs. Along with the Bloodbaths, we believe this to be the Saucony release of 2015. Featuring smooth purple and black suede with sand and grey accents, these are a quality release from Saucony.


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