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Flat Laces

These are the classic laces and a staple on any shoe. Utterly versatile, these will suit 95%+ of all shoes (yeezy boosts aren’t one of them). Our offering of flat laces ranges materials and designs, from our two-tones to our 3Ms, our classics and our waxed laces. In a huge array of colours you can make your kicks individualised with the simplest, cleanest laceswaps.

Rope laces

Made incredibly popular by Ronnie Fieg with the release of the Volcano Gel-Lyte V, rope laces have grown into a hugely popular choice of laceswap for all a huge number of runners and some basketball shoes. Our ropes offering consists of our two-tone classic ropes, dot and swirl ropes and our unique 3M range, as well as our premium metal aglet range. Our ropes are better than our competitors – we spent months initially designing our ropes using a special polyester blend, and adjusting the density of our dual-nylon rope cores for maximum durability and suppleness. Feel the difference today.

Metal aglets

Our premium range of laces are made with gold and silver metal aglets more that subtle touch of class that your kicks deserve. Highly durable, with precision laser etching of the LaceSpace logo, these laces respect your grails and upgrade your beaters.

3M Flat & 3M Rope Laces

Give your shoes a bit of bling with our 3M range. Featuring a variety of threads, we have created our dot and cross-grain styles in order to optimise the smoothness of threading and tying the laces, without compromising on the brilliant shine you get from the 3M. A staple in your collection of laces, the 3M laces feature a special polyester blend to increase smoothness of the laces despite the 3M so you don’t need to cringe when you thread.

Flyknit laces

Our flyknit range features thinner oval/rope laces to replace all your flyknit and primeknit stock laces. Specifically designed with these kicks in mind, we have optimised the lengths and specifics details of the laces to suit.

Roshe laces

Our roshe laces are for more than just roshes. Featuring a shorter length at 36”, this makes them perfect for wearing untied on runners, and on shoes with less rows of eyelets. See our size guide for more details on making sure you get the right fit!

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