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The Balenciaga Triple S is the ultimate shoe for both fashion purists and sneakerheads. When it first dropped, the Triple S was a polarizing topic in many online communities - but then celebrities like Rihanna started showing up to red carpets in them. Now, everyone wants a pair.

The shoe is unique in that it's not a replica of a past shoe - it's an innovative design. Balenciaga is known for their creativity and trying new things, something that many brands are afraid to do. The unique design was flashy and certainly not ordinary to wear, and for that reason, we're all glad that it's been recognized.

The Triple S is a performance-based design. It's not something you wear to temples of fashion, but it's certainly fit for the red carpet. The shoe has a thick sole that gives the wearer stability without feeling like a run-of-the-mill shoe. What makes this so different from other designer shoes is the fact that they're practical on top of being fashionable. Previously, fashion shoes were very plain and lacked durability. This shoe is made to last - and will last for a long time.

This is the first time that Balenciaga has arrived on the scene, but it certainly won't be the last. The Triple S is a big deal for any brand, but especially one that wasn't previously known in the footwear business. The Triple S changed what we think of when we think of designer fashion and the shoe is timeless and is not just a fashion statement. Even though it's not been released for a long time, people are still buying it. Many from the sneakerhead community love the Triple S because of how unique and different it is.




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