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The Yeezy 380 Covellite is another eagerly awaited drop from Kanye West. The 380 series continues its geology-inspired colorways, this time taking cues from a naturally occurring, blue steel mineral with similar properties to copper but much more fancy-looking. 

Its biggest draw is its iridescence or having luminous colors that change depending on the angle where you’re looking from. We think the application on the Yeezy is remarkable. Even if the shoe itself is not actually iridescent, the styling and color are a pretty close match! The upper is a dazzling mix of blue and purple hues atop a brown midsole. It really brings up the image of gems resting on a bed of earth. While not everyone may not like the pairing of these colors, you can't deny that it is a sick blend that's just nice to look at.

When it was released earlier this year, there was not much marketing behind it. We are guessing Yeezy is trying out a new way of getting it out there, where they just quietly release a product to see if it would sell out anyway. Unfortunately, it may not have gone as they expected as stock was aplenty between shoe retailers which makes it a good thing for Yeezy fans who wanted to snag a pair for themselves.

Like previous Yeezy 380 releases, this one is uber comfortable to wear and perfect for a daily beater. It features the familiar infinity looped lacing system so you just pull on the laces to tighten up the shoes - but if you're looking for that satisfying feel of tying up your laces, you can always swap out with the black laces that are included in the box.



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