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The Air Jordan 5 was imagined to be worn on the court and strike in the offensive. It is meant for driving across the court, slipping through the other team's defense, and getting the score. Inspired by the WW2 Mustang Fighter Jet, it was a legendary silhouette in its era.

But it was not just a champion's choice of the past, even today it is still sought after by Jordan fans although not for its original purpose. Because back then, performance was the name of the game - but these days, its value is in its iconic look, that of a fashion sneaker. Consider the subtle-yet-intricate details on the lace locks and its reflective tongue. Jagged designs that are reminiscent of shark teeth are also displayed on the midsole for an added ferocity. More and more people are using it for casual wear than for sports.

The reflective material on the tongue is something to admire as well, and people perceive it as luxurious.

That is not to say that it is not fit to wear in an intense ball game anymore though. The Air Jordan 5 Stealth is lined with thick cushioning designed for hours of running, but still getting that court-feel. The alternating lace loops and padded ankle collar tandem give it a sturdy feel.

Some people think that it can get hot during extended play, but when tested, it actually has better airflow than most other shoes in its category. This detail is quite important as feeling hot in your sole can actually make your whole body feel hot - you wouldn't want to sit on the bench so soon after just getting warmed up!



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