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The Nike Air Jordan 8 is no doubt, one of the most popular shoes in history. There’s an extremely long list of basketball shoes that have been released over the years, but few are close to the quality and hype of the AJ8. Because of this, it’s not surprising that a lot of collections are incomplete. Some fans were able to purchase a pair of Jordan 8s when they first came out in stores, while others have had to wait for years before being able to finally buy a pair for themselves.

Let’s dive into the different aspects of this shoe and see what makes it so great. And we’ll start with probably the most important aspect of basketball shoes - the traction. The leather-based Air Jordan 8 is amazing in this regard considering there is not really a pattern to speak of - just circles of varying sizes. And yet, it grips the floor strong for those intense clutch plays.

The next one is the cushion. Your mileage may vary on this one, but in general, the AJ8 has adequate cushioning that will be enough for many but not for others. The Phylon material feels okay, but a PU midsole would have been much better. Another gripe is that it does not have good ventilation when compared to legends like the AJ6.

When laced up to the top eyelets, the Air Jordan 8 fits true to size and is snug and secure on the feet. This helps with comfort quite a bit, as it features an inner boot that gives a plush feel from heel to toe.

So while these may not be great for day-long wearing, the Air Jordan 8 is still a valuable performance shoe that will be close to number 1 for the best basketball shoes.

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