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This article will be looking at some ideas revolving around Nike’s new Air Max 97 shoe release. As with all Nike shoe releases, the product has been highly anticipated and is already one of the top-selling shoes on Nike’s website. The Air Max 97 release has also caused an increase in traffic on retail sites that carry it. This added traffic on these retail sites is due to Nike’s marketing techniques that they used to promote the product about a month before it was released.

With such a high demand for the shoe, it’s not surprising to see so much hype surrounding it when it was released. The first 'draw' that comes with the release of this product is the fact that Nike released a limited supply of the shoe as well as a wide range of color combinations, capturing the interest of collectors. The limited supply and color release made it even more desirable and had consumers waiting in line to get their hands on a pair.

When looking at the product itself, the common comments that consumers have are mainly about how comfortable they are and what size is right for them. It’s clear that the shoes are very comfortable due to the fact that people are wearing them around all day long without any complaints. It won't take as much time for your feet to adjust to the contours of the Air Max 97.

If you are looking for some good running shoes that are affordable, then these shoes are what you might be looking for. These shoes were designed so that even individuals who have had foot surgery would be comfortable, obvious with the amount of support that this shoe offers to the wearer.

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