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Nike SB Blazers are great for playing sports like basketball or skateboarding because they provide excellent cushioning and support for your feet while you play these sports. The durable rubber sole ensures that the shoes will last for a long time while playing any type of sport. 

The upper of the shoes is very durable and will remain in good condition since it is made of premium leather material. The suede and leather material provides a stylish and modern look, and you can't also forget the Swoosh symbol on the side of the shoes. The sole is made of durable rubber which gives these shoes excellent traction and grip on any surface - perfect if you're in sports that require a lot of movement in a large area.

The midsole is made of responsive cushioning which provides you with incredible comfort. These shoes are very lightweight and the cushioning will ensure that your feet will not get fatigued after playing sports or walking for long distances. It features a synthetic lining that ensures that your feet are well supported throughout the day. It also has a padded collar which adds to its comfort level and provides additional support for your ankles.

In terms of design, it resembles vintage Nike's which of course are very well-designed. The many available colorways make it a treat for collectors and fans alike. The shoes lend versatility to the wardrobe, as they can be paired with just about anything and will look good. 

If you're environmentally conscious, Nike SB Blazers are partly made with recycled materials - something that should happen more often in the sneaker scene for the sake of sustainability.

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