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Still on the list of must-have sneakers for every shoe collector in 2021 is the OG of the sneaker family, Air Max 1.

Despite its release in 1987, the Air Max 1 proves that its timeless design is still a classic, gaining new collaborations with the big names of the entertainment industry to this day. What makes it the trademark from the latest shoe releases is its open-window sole that accentuates the iconic Nike Air Technology innovated by a former NASA engineer, Frank Rudy, and designed by Tinker Hatfield. Inspired by the controversial Pompidou Center, it was a big hit with the late 80's sneakerheads and is still clearly favored today. 

Now, you can strut your stuff in new colorways you can never imagine with the numerous collabs of Air Max 1 and even creating a Nike By You personal shoe customization campaign. Without a doubt, its versatility made it an in-demand go-to kicks for men and women of all ages across the globe.  Even having its own #AirMaxDay, people celebrate every 26th of March with people showing their sneakers on Instagram and various platforms.

But the OG Air Max 1 is not just a looker. Incorporated with a foam midsole and suede & mesh upper for a comfortable and lightweight feel, it is the perfect finishing touch for a casual fit. You can choose to snag a pair from the streamline of new designs and colorways that Nike releases or opt for the restock version of the original varsity red for that classic style. You can't go wrong with its vibrant red and muted gray accents as well as that iconic half-finished Air Max Swoosh. Just be on the lookout because these pairs were only available in limited quantities with a resale price of $140.

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