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Whether you're a generation X, Y, or Z, the Nike Air Max 97 proves that its innovative design transcends time and collectors' tastes.

Taking over the sneaker industry back in 1997, it was the first model to feature a full-length Air Max unit on its midsole, maximizing Nike's running technology for sportsmen & women and for athleisure. The unique wave silhouette on its upper is another bold fashion statement from Nike's sneaker family as it is made of alternating mesh and synthetic leather, allowing sufficient airflow for your feet. Inspired by the Japanese mountain bikes, it is also where the beauty of varying colorways comes through. Be it a triple white, triple black, or a mix of fun colors like this model, the featured reflective lines along with its rippling patterns definitely make it a fashion staple among sneakerheads. 

A pair of Nike Air Max 97 may be worth about $160 but its durable materials can give you value for your money. It has a sturdy structure and designs overall but that does not sacrifice the user's comfort in terms of better shock absorption, cushioning, and lightweight feel. It can also prevent water from coming in, making it an additional winter option. Removable arch supports are also included and the tongue is incorporated with two leather lines and a hidden lace system for more stability.  

You won't have to worry about the Nike Air Max 97 going out of fashion because of the wide array of collaborations and original designs you can choose from. Its "fluidity" allows unlimited fits for men and women, literally and figuratively. So whether you're going for a casual jog, a gym session, or a casual errand, these kicks will surely give you a good run. 

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