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If you want to bring a bit of shine to your kicks then 3M laces are a must!

These ropes are made so that you get maximum shine without the stiffness of your average 3M laces. We worked to perfect the threading to ensure that you get smooth, premium feeling laces that look great in or out of light. With our 3M laces you can get that unique style for your shoes that you are looking for.

Our 3M Laces

After realising that most 3M laces on the market are rough and easily damaged, we at Lace Space decided to do something about it. Our 3M laces are superior for two main reasons:

  1. We use quality 3M material that is threaded more fluidly with high-denier polyester
  2. Our 3M pattern flows with the grain the the lace to ensure that the laces do not become stiff and hard to tie, without compromising the amount of 3M in the laces.

This means that you can get the best shine from your kicks without compromising the smoothness you deserve in your laces!

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Black/3M Reflective Classic Rope Lace - LaceSpaceBlack/3M Reflective Classic Rope Lace - LaceSpace
Full 3M Rope Lace - Gunmetal Aglet - LaceSpaceFull 3M Rope Lace - Gunmetal Aglet - LaceSpace
White/3M Reflective Classic Rope Lace - LaceSpaceWhite/3M Reflective Classic Rope Lace - LaceSpace

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