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adidas and the NMD absolutely blew up during 2016 and continue to be a very popular shoe, particularly with the introduction of the NMD_R2 in late 2016. Coming in a variety of materials, including neoprene, mesh, ripstop and primeknit, they are one of the more versatile lifestyle shoes on the market today.

Our NMD collection of shoelaces contains laces in sizes Extra Small (32 Inch), Small (36 inch) and Medium (43 inch). We recommend going with Extra Small or Small laces for the NMD_R1s, or for an untied look on the NMD_R2. If you want to tie a bow on NMD_R2s, then Medium laces are your best bet. 

You can also throw metal aglets on your NMDs for a premium subtle finish along with improved sturdiness of the shoe laces.

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