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Air Jordans are undoubtedly the most famous of a long-lived line of shoes for their sheer influence in shaping the sneaker culture for the past three decades. Coming in high, mid and low silhouettes, Nike and Jordan Brand have released a huge number of classic colourways and continue to retro some of our favourite shoes today.

Our Air Jordan Collection contains shoelaces in XLARGE (63 inch), particularly for Jordan 1s and those who prefer a longer lace on their other Jordan shoes. It also contains LARGE (50 inch) laces for some of the later silhouettes such as Jordan 10s, 11s, 12s and 13s. You can also use LARGE laces for an untied look on the Jordan 2 through 9. For the shoelace aglets, we recommend metal aglets for a clean and premium finish. Our aglets are available in gold and silver.


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Pastel Green Flat Lace - LaceSpace
Red Leather Laces - Silver Aglet - LaceSpace
Gold Leather Laces - Gold Aglet - LaceSpace
Camouflage Green Print LacesCamouflage Green Print Laces
Camouflage Blue Print LacesCamouflage Blue Print Laces
Black/Blue Speckled Flat Laces
Elephant Print LacesElephant Print Laces
Purple/Teal Speckled Flat Laces
Red/White Speckled Flat Laces
Camouflage Pink Print LacesCamouflage Pink Print Laces
White/Red Speckled Flat Laces

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